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Brand your vans

Effective advertising depends on a great first impression. As businesses struggle to create brand awareness within the cacophony of the internet, a cheaper but by no means less effective alternative is readily available: vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wraps are potent tools for spreading your advertising campaign at minimal cost. The graphics adorning a vehicle create instant and significant impact. If you are considering a geo-targeting ad campaign, a vehicle wrap can be the most effective channel. As the trend towards supporting local businesses grows, potential customers will be attracted to the community aspect of the advertisement driving around the area.

A fleet of vehicle wraps offers a host of advantages:


Boldly designed, visually appealing vehicle wraps stand out amongst the traffic. Eyes gravitate towards bright colours, and a distinctive image will get your business noticed.

Wide reach

A large fleet covering long distances to densely populated cities has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of views per month. And even single-vehicle wraps outdo other forms of media advertising.


Compared to billboards and other advertising outlets that incur repeat costs, a vehicle wrap is a single investment that reaps benefits for several years.

Non-intrusive advertising

We all have become numb to aggressive marketing strategies that bombard us with disruptive commercials. Vehicle wraps are remarkably different in that potential customers will see your message without disruption or distraction. Customers respond better to advertising that isn’t forced on them.

Roaming advertising

Instead of waiting for an ad campaign to feature on television, vehicle wraps roam with the message, reaching an audience continually through the day, even when it is parked on the road!


Vinyl vehicle wraps protect vans from small dents and scratches, helping maintain their market value. On average, wraps last six years, providing significant time for your advertisement to make impressions, increase sales, and reap an outstanding return on your investment.

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